It is the goal of the Keiser University Spine Care Clinic personnel to offer the student an effective support structure to facilitate and enhance their clinical experience.

Our Daily Principles

  1. To provide high quality, evidenced based patient-centered care.
  2. To provide a high quality clinical educational experience.
  3. To provide training and understanding of ethical practice building procedures.
  4. To comply with all required accreditation policies and standards.

Values and Aspirations of the Spine Care Clinic

  1. Graduating caring, competent, and science-driven chiropractic physicians
  2. Providing the educational and clinical environment that will allow our students to develop the skills necessary to flourish in an evolving and team-based healthcare system
  3. Developing a body of alumni whose leadership and careers affirm the Keiser University motto of integrity, truth and knowledge (integritas, veritas, sapientia)
  4. Advancing chiropractic education and practice through innovation and scholarship